2nd International Basalt Forum

From the depth of the Earth to the tops of the world

Forum is a unique platform to discuss prospects for basalt industry development, challenging issues, technology solutions, and tools to foster and support basalt-based production, interaction with allied industries.

Current topics

Forum will address the cutting-edge issues of industry development, and discuss the mechanisms to support and foster enterprise development

Leading experts

Top managers of large-scale enterprises, scientists, civil officials, politicians, financial experts will offer their vision for basalt industry development.

International focus

Basalt industry professionals from Germany, China, India, the UK, Brazil, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and other countries will participate in the Forum.

Topics to discuss

  • Mechanisms of state support for the industry, market stimulation, import substitution
  • Scientific developments in the area of research into basalts properties and application
  • Cluster approach to basalt-based industries development
  • Role of matrix in the molding of basalt materials and components
  • Basalt materials in the strategy of scientific and technological development in Russia
  • Basalt industry technical solutions: standardization and certification issues
  • Financial instruments for basalt industry development
  • Basalt-based technical solutions in automotive, shipbuilding and airspace industries
  • Infrastructure solutions based on basalt composites
  • Application of basalt fibers for additive technologies
  • Basalt-based thermal and sound insulation
  • Basalt-based fire protection materials
  • Application of basalt materials and products: ecological aspects
  • Market of basalt-based products
  • Industry staffing
  • Digitization and robotization of technological and managerial production processes in the industry






The names of keynote speakers will be added before October, 31

Enrico Benco

GS4C srl (Italy)

Aleksey Azarevich

Basalt Center JSC

Sergey Ten

The State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

Valeriy Bessel

NewTech Services GC

Yuriy Shurygin

Association of Small and Medium-Sized Exporters

Sergey Bykov

Smolensk Regional Duma

Sergey Serdyukov

Nord Stream 2

Maxim Chernykh

Basalt Projects Group of Companies

Andrey Nikolaenko

Moscow Polytechnic University

Ekaterina Dubrovskaya

International Association of Foundation Contractors

Nikolay Ablesimov

Russian Academy of Natural Science

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