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International Basalt Forum

Major Annual International Event of Basalt Industry

We are glad to present the latest developments in the field of innovative basalt fiber materials used in construction, highways, mechanical engineering, energy and other industries.

International Basalt Forum is an annual venue for experts of the basalt segment of composite industry. Traditionally, the Forum brings together representatives of all continents, engaged in the manufacture of basalt composites, with the  purpose of sharing experience, presenting their achievements, discussing issues related to product marketing and overcoming existing barriers.

The first Forum was held in 2016 and immediately brought the attention of both representatives of business and government authorities, which emphasized the high status and role of this event for the development of industry.

Get to know how it was in 2017 and 2016.

Topics of 2018 Forum

Actual discussions, business cases and debates aimed at promoting of technology sphere, expansion to new markets of application and establishment of required communications.

Forum Schedule

Civil, industrial and road engineering.

High technology sectors and defense industry.

Shipbuilding industry and Arctic projects.

Methods and tools to stimulate industry growth.


10 All speakers
All speakers

Forum dates and venue

October 18-19, 2018

International Basalt Forum will be held in Technopolis Moscow Congress center, customized for large-scale events with a large numbers of participants, high technology exhibitions, congresses, conferences, business meetings, plenary sessions, seminars, etc.

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Participation terms and registration

Manufacturer of basalt fiber

Manufacturer of basalt fiber composites

Manufacturer and supplier of equipment and raw materials

Research and development institutions, small innovative companies

Business representatives of construction, highway, oil and gas, shipbuilding, machine engineering and other industry sectors

Representatives of government authorities, industry unions

Participation terms and registration

International Basalt Forum 2017 hosted

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All news


Non-profit organization Union of Basalt Industry Development Soyuzbasalt and Basalt Projects group of companies have promoted and organized the International Basalt Forum.

Organizing operator of the International Basalt Forum is Basalt Events, LLC, which provides support of events aimed at highlighting basalt composites segment for customers of composite products.

Basalt Projects JSC is a scientific and technological holding comprising companies engaged in scientific research, implementation of engineering projects in the sphere of composite production engineering, manufacture and supplies of basalt composite products.

Non-profit organization Union of Basalt Industry Development Soyuzbasalt fosters an enabling environment for business of companies in basalt industry, development of raw materials market and expansion of technology application of basalt materials and products.

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