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February 21, 2018

Forum International Status Confirmed before Formal Registration

Early in February the organizers of the Forum, Union of Basalt Industry Development Soyuzbasalt, and Basalt Projects group of companies fixed the dates for the event, that is October 18 and 19. The venue of Forum is traditionally Congress center of Technopolis Moscow.

Information on event dates has been immediately communicated by relevant international mass media, supporting organizers and distributing up-to-date information regarding news in basalt composite industry.

Within a fortnight since promotion in media and three months before the opening of formal registration, manufacturers from the Czech Republic, Italy, England and the United Arab Emirates have applied for the event.

This helps organizers of the International Basalt Forum 2018 emphasize the high status of an international event, which is popular with and waited by all representatives of the industry regardless of their nation.

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