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March 12, 2018

Advantages of Basalt Fiber in Sports Equipment will be Illustrated by SUP-surfing

The Organizer of International Basalt Forum, Basalt Projects group of companies, is a sponsor of sportsmen participating in SUP-surfing competitions, which is becoming more and more popular.

SUP-surfing is a rowing sports where participants contest standing on boards of particular length, shape and weight, facing the direction of travel, making their way to finish line at speed, using one paddle to accelerate.

In such contests, much attention is given not only to techniques and physical fitness of sportsmen, but also to their sports equipment, in this case to SUP-surfing boards. Traditionally, composite materials were used for manufacture of professional boards, which were lightweight and steady on water surface due to their properties.



As technology advances and basalt components are used, sportsmen opt for basalt fiber as a base for SUP-surging boards. The first homemade basalt board is going to be produced in spring 2018, having competitive edge in end product both against fiberglass and carbon fiber, and already in summer it will be used in major competitions of Russia.

Experience of manufacture and operation of boards made of materials produced by Basalt Project group of companies, as well as equipment demonstration will be presented at the International Basalt Forum, a major international basalt composites event, which will be held on October 18-19 in Technopolis Moscow Congress center.

Click the link to register for the event.

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