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June 1, 2018

The first contrivance for SUP-surfing made of domestic basalt fiber will be presented at the exposition of the Forum

On June 1,  in the waters of the Moscow river in a Small Stroginsky Zaton there was a successful testing of the first in the history national board made of basalt fibers, produced in Russia. Sports equipment, in addition to materials, has a number of unique qualities: the width of the board does not exceed 54 cm, and the weight of the product is less than 11 kg. Such characteristics were achieved due to the choice of basalt fiber as a basis, as its quality indicators make it possible to obtain a composite product with increased characteristics and resource.  The board was created with the support of the organizers of the International Basalt Forum 2018 — the “Basalt Projects” Group of Companies.

The participants of the International Basal Forum 2018 will have the opportunity not only to see the first basalt contrivance for SUP-surfing at the exposition of the Forum, but also to ask questions to its creator about the process and manufacturing technologies, as well as the results and technical characteristics.

The first sports test for the basalt-composite board will be held on June 12 in Strogino in the form of a sprint of 200 meters in the Olympic system. We invite everyone to the event, the entrance is free. All the details can be found at the link

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