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JUNE 14, 2018

The organizers of the 2018 IBF held a round table on "Actual problems of certification of composite materials used in construction"

SoyuzBazalt, organizers of the IBF2018, held a round table on "Actual problems of certification of composite materials used in construction". In addition to issues related to the introduction of changes to the existing state standards, the possibilities of combating counterfeit and falsifier were considered. This topic is currently extremely relevant for all manufacturers in our country, as the regulation of quality and suppression of activities of unscrupulous suppliers are actively discussed in the regulatory authorities due to the increase in the number of cases of detection of defective materials on the market. The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of industry and Glavgosexpertiza. On the part of associations and manufacturers, the round table was attended by the Association of manufacturers of pipeline systems, the Association of water supply and sanitation of the Moscow region, the Composite Cluster of St. Petersburg, group of companies "Basalt projects", LLC "COMPOSITE GROUP", JSC "MSU-Geophysics", "21", JSC "STEKLONiT", "PGM-Urban Space", SIC Construction, LLC "Project-consulting".

Following the dense agenda, the participants presented their vision for the solution of the current situation, discussed possible ways and terms for solving the problem. As a result of the work of the round table, it was decided to prepare a set of collective documents on behalf of the organizers and, in working order, to bring it into effect by responsible regulators.

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